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ALA Gateway Business Partner Appreciation Reception


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Precise Legal Celebrates Business Partnership at ALA Gateway Reception

We recently attended the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) Gateway’s Business Partner Appreciation Reception in honor of their prosperous partnerships and our two-year business partnership. The event occurred on Wednesday, August 15th, at St. Louis Hotel in St.Louis, Missouri.

The reception was to recognize the years of collaboration between ALA Gateway and its partner companies and celebrate their mutual success. Attendees included senior-level executives and additional legal community members that have been instrumental in the growth of ALA Gateway over the past few years. During the evening, guests enjoyed dinner, drinks, and networking opportunities while celebrating their accomplishments.

Our CEO, Adam Hunter, reflected on the event: “We are proud of our long-standing partnership with ALA Gateway and are honored to have been a part of this legal community over the past two years.”

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