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Discover a team of legal experts ready to support you and your discovery needs.

From understanding cell phone and social media data to analyzing, processing, and hosting your evidence and work product, our team is here to support you.

Your Go-To Discovery Team

Your world is unique: Each day is filled with new challenges and unforgiving deadlines. You need a team that stands ready to support you in whatever comes your way.


That’s where Precise Legal, a full-service legal discovery provider, comes in. We are your team of legal experts delivering quick, reliable paper discovery and eDiscovery services in support of our clients.


Our team is known for an unwavering commitment to meeting clients’ needs and nearly 24/7 responsiveness. We will streamline your data collection and assist you through the litigation process.


Call us first. With 50 years of legal industry experience, we are the local legal experts and will find an answer for you.

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Rapid, Accurate eDiscovery

Plan the best way to collect and organize data so it’s easy to review and supports your case strategy

Identifying data and collecting it correctly can be the most important part of your case. Precise Legal helps you plan the best way to collect and organize data so it’s easy to review.
We help you accurately and rapidly acquire potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI) for audits, investigation and litigation. Bring us in to consult on data handling at any point during your case.

We Are Discovery Experts. Got Evidence?

At Precise Legal, we understand the significant role that reliable data can play in litigation matters. Our comprehensive solution offers online access to expert-verified records and provides actionable insights into potential legal issues. With our service, users can quickly and accurately identify key parties, review relevant documents related to a case, as well as ensure compliance with applicable laws.

Our services provide a cost-effective and secure way to quickly access digital evidence in the midst of litigation. Our experienced team of professionals offers specialized consulting, technology, and managed services that enable organizations to confidently manage their eDiscovery needs. Our comprehensive suite of solutions provides streamlined collection, preservation, review and production processes that are tailored to suit your organization’s specific needs.

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Let Us Help You With Your Next Case

Precise Legal can offer a powerful solution for uncovering critical information during complex legal proceedings. By leveraging advanced analytics and sophisticated search tools, Precise Legal helps organizations quickly locate, extract, review and produce the relevant documents needed for their case. This means that you save time, effort and money in the process – allowing your organization to focus on other aspects of litigation without worrying about having all the necessary information.


Local, Reliable Paper Discovery Expertise

Exceptional customer service, quick turnaround times, and free pick-up and delivery in St. Louis.

Your local Discovery experts, Precise Legal offers a full library of copy, scan, and print services. We provide exceptional customer service, including quick turnaround times and free pick-up and delivery in the St. Louis area.
The first step is for us to work with you and come up with a plan to get the results you need. We are available around the clock and dedicated to helping you meet or exceed your goals.

We Are A Full Service Discovery Provider

Are you tired of manually transferring large amounts of paper documents into digital formats? Our document scanning services provide a quick and efficient solution to this problem, allowing you to save time and effort. Our services range from basic digitization to optical character recognition (OCR), ensuring your documents are accurately and quickly converted into digital images that can be easily accessed online.

Transform paperwork into digital documents with our document scanning services! Turn your hardcopy documents into organized, secure digital files that are easy to store and access. Our services include high-speed optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities for faster indexing and accurate search results. We also offer full-color scans and flexible file formats to meet your needs.

Save time and effort while digitizing your documents with our comprehensive document scanning services. Our quick, efficient, and secure system ensures that all documents are accurately scanned to create perfect digital copies. With state-of-the-art technology, we can scan full documents in high resolution so that you don’t miss out on even the smallest details. We also provide long term storage solutions for these digital copies to make sure they are always accessible when needed.

What Makes Us Different

Fast and Efficient

We know these are table stakes for this business, but how many companies are small enough to care about each customer as if their business depends on it? We do because it does.

Experienced Professionals

Your clients depend on you, so you have to rely on a discovery team to support you. We are your team. Let us show you how much experience matters on your next project.

Advanced Solutions

Technology is always moving forward. We blend that experience that you’re used to with the right technology solutions. Not too much, not too little- technology that fits your needs perfectly.

Our Technologies

We support our customers with best-of-breed discovery technologies.

Our Partnerships

We are trusted by a number of legal professional organizations.

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hey, if you’re going to stand for something, why not let it be your work?  Maybe it’s a bit old school, but it matters to us, and we think it matters to our customers. 

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